OLIVIE Plus 30x: thirty times more health benefits in a spoon.

Taste green power: 30 times more hydroxytyrosol powerful polyphenol naturally, 30 times more effective to protect your heart against the LDL cholesterol oxidation (ox-LDL)

Preserve your body cells against oxidative damages. This better helps to avoid serious deseases (such as: cancer, heart infarctus, Parkinson, Alzheimer, among others). OLIVIE Plus 30x with its high concentration of natural polyphenols is particularly suitable for the preventive treatment of:
• Strokes
• Hypertension
• Ageing
• Antioxydant Power
• Cancer
• Antimicrobial effect
• Endocrine
• Psoriasis
• Nervous System

The unique extra virgin olive oil that is exceptionally rich in antioxydants, 100% naturally

The analysis of OLIVIE PLUS 30x extra virgin olive oil produced by Atlas Olive Oils showed that this oil is naturally rich in polyphenols and particularly in Hydroxytyrosol with content of 233 mg/kg, and also in Tyrosol with content of 161 mg/kg.

A comparative research confirms that OLIVIE Plus 30x contains 30 times more the antioxydant hydroxytyrosol naturally

The table shows the content of hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol of 22 samples of conventional extra virgin olive oil taken from 4 mediterranean countries, all producers of extra virgin olive oil (Source: Hrneirik and Frische - 2004), that compared to OLIVIE Plus 30x show with no doubt its higher concentration of polyphenols.

Why OLIVIE PLUS 30x has such special features?

Simply beacuse this oil comes from olive trees planted in a rocky desert. Just like the wine, it is well known that the olive tree needs to suffer to produce the best of itself. Considering the very hot environment (up to 53°C in summer), the rocky soil where roots cannot develop easily, the lack of water, olive trees stress. A panic phenomenon occurs in the trees (instinct of survival), which results in a raised production of polyphenols (antioxidant) and more particularly in Hydroxytyrosol and Tyrosol (self-defence).

The healthiest extra virgin olive oil in the world

Hydroxytyrosol is the most powerful antioxidant easily assimilated by the human body. ORAC value indicating the antioxidant power: 40’000 μmolTE/g. According to the international laboratory method "Folin Ciocalteu", a normal conventional extra virgin olive oil has a content of hydroxytyrosol of: 7 mg/Kg.

The hydroxytyrosol content in our extra virgin olive oil OLIVIE Plus 30x is 233 mg/Kg, by far superior! The total polyphenols amount is also very high: 1250 mg/Kg compared to a normal extra virgin olive oil: 253 mg/Kg. Comparison of Hydroxytyrosol (HT) and Tyrosol (T) rates (mg/kg) between 22 samples of olive oil from 4 Mediterranean countries and our oil OLIVIE Plus 30x.

"Olive Oil Compound Kills Cancer Cells In Less Than An Hour: All-Powerful Oleocanthal"

A recent and authoritative scientific research carried out by Rutgers University and Hunter College demonstrates the effectiveness of the molecules of Oleocanthal. Olivie Plus 30X contains 30 times more oleocanthal than other extra virgin olive oils. Please find more information about this research at the following link.